The Horizon review

Apr 15, 2021
someday one boy just want to the find peace place but the world give so many obstacle.

First thing i saw this manhwa from 2020 Challenge and then some reviewers take this 10 out of 10. I'm confused this cover what story is about. after i just read it 3 chapter, i wanna read it and go though what story teach us.

story and character give me think about how best anime will be. All charater make sense and story is stand alone from drama manhwa.

art so cool so amazing. it have less picture but it give more detail and emotion as well.

all of rate i will give 10 except art is 9 caz it have lack of line resolution and no color. (i plan to give 8 but this's look like get along the story tone)

overall 10 / 10



The Horizon
The Horizon
Autor Jeong, Ji-Hoon