One Punch-Man review

Apr 15, 2021
Overview: One punch man is a story of an unknown hero named Saitama, who once was an average employee after tirelessly training for three years; he has achieved great power. And with great power comes hair loss and responsibility. After obtaining this great power, he found his new carrier in being a superhero. Despite his over the top physical ability, he was ranked one of the lowest tiers in the hero association; hence the name, the unknown hero. Despite being viewed as one of the weakest heroes, he manages to destroy every monster that comes across his path, rending bored and hoping for an enemy strong enough to defeat him.

Character: Saitama, the main character and protagonist of the story, the strongest hero but is placed in low ranks. Finding no thrills in battle due to his incredible physical abilities. Genos, the disciple of Saitama, a cyborg who became a disciple of Saitama in hopes of becoming as strong as him. (Together, they balance the growth of mindset and the growth of physical ability)

Story (8/10): I understand that this manga is mainly for laughs, but the story just follows a traditional hero journey, lots of fighting and destruction, lacking a bit of depth to the story. But still, get an 8 in my book because of the contradiction between his strength of a god and inconsistent attitude. Becoming super serious when face even with the smallest average day problems while paying no attention when fighting. This contradicting character development makes the story very interesting and compliments the comedy very well.

Art (10/10): Murata Yusuke, the artist for this manga, did a fantastic job matching the expression of the characters to the story. The drawing was able to bring out so much more action in the manga and further compliment the serious and sleepy attitudes that Saitama often have. The detail and clarity found in every image are great for helping the reader to feel more emerged with each character and more emerged in the world of One Punch Man.

Enjoyment (9/10): I personally enjoyed this manga very much; I look forward to new characters that will be coming as the story progresses. (keep in mind that the manga is not finished yet) It is easy for readers to get bored of a manga where the main character is this powerful, but the author who goes by the name of One is able to connect the daily struggles of Saitama and present it in a way that makes the story so refreshing and keeping me want to read more.

Overall: I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys comedy or action, it is a easy to read a piece of the manga, and it is very entertaining. And for those who have read the manga, the anime version is also enjoyable.


One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Autor Murata, Yusuke