Hungry Joker review

Apr 09, 2021
I actually RARELY give any lower scores than a 7 for a manga. But this manga was...well, WAAAYYY too rushed, even for me.

The start of it got me interested. I didn't hate the plot either. This manga had great potential to make a great series too. The powers and the explanation was kinda confusing, but I managed to hold on and kept reading. But once I got to the end, it became a GIANT ball of mess. Like I said, this manga had potential, and yet they messed it up. The ending was a REALLY rushed feeling, and ALONG with a cliffhanger.

In the end, I was trying to sort stuff out, trying to get the ending.
Overall- 6

It wasn't bad. I didn't hate it or anything. I thought it was average for a manga.
Overall- 7

Now this really got me ticked off. The characters could have gotten a better development, and ESPECIALLY the main characters. I was really disappointed, to sum it up. The manga could have maybe up to 100 chapters or more too with better development...
Overall- 3

I really did like the story, but the rushed feeling (along with a cliffhanger) really did disappointed me. So my overall is...
Overall- 5

In the end, I give this manga an overall score of 5.


Hungry Joker
Hungry Joker
Autor Tabata, Yuuki