Solo Leveling review

Apr 17, 2021
The first couple of chapters start ordinary, nothing special. We saw normal MC who was at that point really weak trying to survive by being a hunter who was making money killing monsters in the dungeon. Of course, this kind of pitiable MC soon got amazing and for me personally one of the best main characters in Manhwa. After an incident in the dungeon, he got a special kind of power and he started to use it to became stronger.

This MC really adapted well to the situation and started using his power to the maximum. He wasn’t weak anymore. He developed after experiencing a situation which forced him to be strong. It might seem the typical overpowered MC that you saw in a lot of other Manga but nobody is as epic as this guy.

This kind of plot you can see in the countless Korean Manhwas and Novels but for me, the MC is the main reason why I like this so much.

As for the other characters, I must say they blended well with the story. We met some funny ones, some arrogant and then we also saw cute and strong girls and that’s a plus. The one problem I have is that the author has tendencies to forget some characters. For me, that wasn’t something that bothered me that much but still, it would be good to sometimes know what are they doing.

The one thing other than MC that brought Solo Leveling to other dimension is Art. The art in this Manhwa is just AMAZING, it isn't just epic, is cool, beautiful... Like I said the MC was awesome but the art brought this story to the highest level.

in my opinion this is one of the best Manhwa out there because the experience is enjoyable and it's not even closer to ending yet.



Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
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