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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin review
Shingeki no Kyojin
Apr 16, 2021
Shingeki no Kyojin review
The fan base definitely over hype the manga, but many good things are enjoyable.

Story: 7
It started interesting with the main Character Eren trying to Kill all Titans to take revenge for his family's death, in the process he discovers he can turn into a Titan. Throughout the story, we discovered that there are as many as 9 shifters (shifters being people who can turn into Titans). After a time-skip many secrets behind the titans are revel.

now I like how the story proceeds until the time skip point, from that point on the story, goes downhill and I'm sure the author has a good reason to makes those changes but they were not appealing to me. And there are a few asspull that you don't see coming.

Art 10
The art was outstanding, very different and unique. It is very sketchy looking but the images have a great amount of detail. It captures the action of the characters very good, it doesn't feel stiff. Overall, I think the art style of Shingeki no Kyojin is suitable for the story to come to life.

Character 9

There are a few characters well written but the main character is not one, secondary Characters have a better reason to be part of the story and others just feel dry.

Enjoyment 8

while some chapters are interesting and make you want to read more, others are plain boring and confusing, its very hard to get into it at first because of the first volume it's just information and backstory but once the action scenes hit its very hooking.

overall 8

I feel like the story is overly hyped because there are better Plots in other Manga, but it's still very enjoyable and addictive.
Angel/Dust Neo
Ijousha no Ai
Boukun Tyrano-san
AKI-SORA review
Apr 10, 2021
AKI-SORA review
Aki-Sora...oh boy. Blood-related incest, yuri, exhibitionism, orgy...this manga seems to be trying to cover every sexual genre in existence. With that said, there's a solid story beneath it all that will have you asking yourself many questions. (Edit 2/1/2012: Manga is complete; review is final.)

Story: 8/10

The story is about Sora, a middle school boy, trying to come to terms with having a sexual relationship with his older sister, Aki. It eventually goes on to cover his various sexual exploits, though the majority of the story focuses on Aki. The story is choppy; certain chapters could benefit from being re-ordered. My criticisms aside, the actual story deals with mature issues and questions, and mature readers will definitely enjoy this manga. Younger readers should stay away from this one; it can be very confusing at times, not to mention the blatant sexual content.

Art: 8/10

Nothing bad, nothing overly special. The characters are all nice to look at, and the background art is done adequately. My main issue was how absurdly feminine looking Sora is. Sora is most definitely a trap, and this topic is a cause of humor in the series.

Aki-Sora is of the smut genre. There are blatant sex scenes in it, and most of them are between Sora and Aki, which is repulsive to some people. I mean, art-wise, the scenes were well-drawn, but I was bothered by it. I got over it a little by telling myself it's just their way of showing their love for each other. It was just a little more physical than I would have preferred.

Character: 10/10

This manga is VERY character driven. The manga's main focus is about forbidden relationships. The two main questions the manga asks the reader to consider are "Why is it wrong for siblings to love each other" (other than the obvious biological problems their child would have) and "What does it mean for two people to have sex?" The characters each have their own point of views on these questions, and it really gets you thinking. These characters are very well developed in very short a time.

The story is as much psychological as it is sexual. Most of the characters of the story are in love with someone society forbids them to be with. It is REALLY interesting to see the inner battles a character has with himself/herself over what they need/want to do. Do they abide by the rules of society, or pursue their love interest?

Enjoyment: 9/10

Aki-Sora has the right balance of ecchi, comedy, and romance. It's a mature title. The ecchi isn't composed of panty shots or "oops I tripped and landed on your boobs", and the comedy isn't composed of nosebleeds or "oops I tripped and landed on your boobs and you hit me halfway to the moon".

Overall: 8/10

An above-average manga of the ecchi genre. This manga is seinen, not shounen, and is aimed at a more mature audience. There aren't many seinen mangas out there, and even fewer of those are of the ecchi/romance variety. This manga is a step up from shounen romance manga. When you finally get sick of characters taking 200 chapters to FINALLY get together, manga like these are what you are looking for.

Final edit: February 1st, 2012.
Tsunbaka review
Apr 06, 2021
Tsunbaka review
Well... This is a weird one.

TsunBaka. "Tsun" as in Tsundere and "Baka" as in idiot, is a story about our simple character "Boon" and his childhood freind "Tsun."

Seems simple enough, right? We've all seen this recipe before right? Well prepare to be surprised and confused.

This is NOT a "normal" story by any means. It's hard to understand the story line, it's hard to even understand what the heck is going on! But that's what makes it such a good read.

Our 3 main characters are a lovely bunch. We have our main protagonist "Boon" who is a purposely simple drawn character with a simple goal. To pass his school exam.
Next we have Tsun. A mentally challenged airhead, who has no idea what she is doing from time to time. She can be a bit irritating sometimes, but is, generally speaking, pretty lovely.
Lastly, the only one else worth mentioning is Dokou, the wildcard of the bunch. One moment he is beating up possible rapists, the next moment he is making cyborgs of said rapists.

I'm not even sure what the genre of this was.
It has drama (Tsun trying to overcome her mental disability and Boon trying to complete his exam.)
It has comedy (Dokou fighting a massive fucking cat rapist cyborg.)
It has action (Dokou beating the shit out of possible rapists.)
It is a slice of life (Boon and Tsun shopping, going to school, etc.)
And it has romance (and a quite satisfying ending at that!)

"Why did you even read it in the first place?" I hear you ask. I am a fan of the artist and had a few hours to spare.

Did i like it? Hmmmm mmmmmhh.... Yeah. You know what, yes! I enjoyed it! I didn't understand half of it, but i enjoyed it!

It is a fun and 100% original story that can be finished in under 2 hours.

Ojiichan Shinanai
Girl in Heels
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